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WORLD OUTREACH WEEK – October 21-25, 2013

“Mission – HIM – Possible!” is not a story of spy rings, international intelligence agencies, mysterious arms deals, and one man’s seemingly impossible mission to defeat the bad guys and make everything right (i.e. Tom Cruise). “Mission – HIM – Possible” is about the love and purpose of Christ to bring salvation and make disciples of all peoples.
From a human point of view, Christ’s mission may seem impossible to achieve. Yet from a divine perspective, His mission will be accomplished!
Dr. George Murray, Chancellor of Columbia International University and former missionary in Italy is the keynote speaker in chapel. Representatives from twenty mission agencies are coming to serve the Corban community by sharing in classes and in evening events in the dorms about what God is doing in the world. You will not want to miss out on any of what is being planned as we learn more about how to be part of Christ’s mission in the world today.

A poem by Tim Blyker re: World Outreach Week:
if to chapel you arrive
at the hour of 9:55
if you happen to feel the call
you may have a ball
global minded you will be


Oct         21           Mon      W.O.W: Dr. George Murray
Oct         23           Weds    W.O.W: Dr. George Murray
Oct         25           Fri          W.O.W: Dr. George Murray   

Oct         28           Mon      ASB
Oct         30           Weds    Pastor Steve Fowler, Salem Alliance
Nov        1              Fri        Allison Vesterfelt, Author
                                           Packing Light: Thoughts on Living with Less Baggage  
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