Unwanted Textbooks?

Wondering what you are going to do with some of your textbooks that you will not need this upcoming summer/fall?  Want to find a good use for them?  Consider donating your used textbooks to the Corban University Library!  What will the library do with it?  The library began putting some textbooks on reserve, making the few copies we have available to all students.  We will be doing the same this upcoming fall (2018) and we would love to add to our growing collection.  Donated textbooks will be placed on reserve (which means that students can check it out for 2-hours, enabling more students to get access to it) whenever a course utilizing that book for a required or recommended purchase is being offered.  This means that students will be able to get access to your donated text and may not have to purchase the text for a course.  If interested, textbooks can be dropped off at the library’s circulation desk.  Please contact Garrett Trott (gtrott@corban.edu) if you have any questions.