Gina Ochsner Workshop Reminder!

Gina Ochsner, Corban’s writer in residence, and assistant english professor, hosts a writing workshops series at the Barn.

From Gina:

Writing is an act of faith. Writers not only believe, but also rely upon words availing themselves when needed. However, what can a writer do when the words don’t arrive? In these two sessions, we will address a phenomenon nearly every writer encounters: the need to write while simultaneously feeling unable to do so.  We will talk about where story, essay and poetry ideas come from, how to “jump-start” writing when ideas seem absent, and how to develop those ideas.  We’ll be trying out different techniques so don’t be surprised if you leave these sessions with several story, essay or poetry starts in hand.  These sessions are designed for writers high-school aged and older.  No previous writing experience is needed—just curiosity.  Each of the sessions is designed as a distinct “unit” of thought and activity.  That is to say, if a participant cannot attend the first session, they can still attend the second session without missing a beat.

 Dates and Time:

April 22nd,10:00-1:00pm

April 29st ,10:00-1:00pm


$50.00 per session or $75.00 for both


Now open online at the Barn website ( or at the Barn during Open Table: Wednesday-Friday, 2:00-10:00 and Saturday, 1:00- 8:00.barn_logo (002)