Mid Semester…busy…busy…busy!


Impressible You™

…will teach you the art of creating a resume that will get you noticed. This workshop is for the novice resume writer and even if you already have one, but just need a refresher. You will walk away with the key ingredients of how best to sell yourself on your resume. The event for all majors is scheduled for Thursday, October 16 from 7pm – 9pm in the Psalm Center. For free tickets, contact Sebastion Shoun .



Ever wanted to barb or jibe someone, but in a Shakespearian sort of way? Now you can! Join us on the Great Britain Academic Tour and you’ll learn how to graciously snub your friends, but in the most pleasant of ways. You’ll learn to say things like: “Hey, knock it off, thou artless base-court apple-john,” or “Do you mind not stepping on my shoe, thou qualling knotty-pated mammet,” or how about, “Please excuse me, thou spleeny pottle-deep gudgeon.” We’re joking, of course… but it you want to learn more Early Modern English slurs, come along on the trip! Deposits are now being taken. For more info. contact Sam Baker.


An Invitation from the Campus Safety Team

Do you have any questions or concerns they would like to voice to the Campus Safety Team? We would be more than happy to help you. Email, call (503-510-6430), or send us mail if you have any anonymous reporting. Or, better yet, set up a time to come talk to us. We care, and we want to help you any way possible.


Open Mic Night!!! Brought you by CLT

Tuesday October 21, 2014. 9:00PM-11:00PM in the coffee shop.

Sign up for 15 minute time slots in the coffee shop as soon as possible.
The sign up sheet is located on the counter.
You can sing, recite poetry, play musical instruments and etc.


Corban Experience Host Applications Available!

I know so many of you are excited to learn HOW to become a host for Corban Experience, well my friends I have good news. The host application is now live and I am just WAITING to hear from you! Simply click this link! Take this time to reflect back on your own Corban Experience weekend, and how can you can make that memorable for someone else beginning this journey. I am getting registrations left and right, and I can’t wait to let God lead me in pairing them up with their awesome hosts ( that would be YOU!). Let me have an opportunity to bless you, as you bless someone by opening your “home” and sharing your encouragement about college life! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me, Michelle.


The Great Shari’s Shake Soiree

Did you know that Shari’s Restaurant is creating a new shake flavor in honor of Corban Warriors?! I guess they really do appreciate our business late at night!  So this Tuesday, October 14th at 6:30 p.m. in front of the library stairs you can witness 4 “judges” deciding which flavor is most mouthwatering! Also, there’s still time to submit your idea for a flavor by filling out a ticket with your name & flavor you think Shari’s should create! The tickets and drop off location are at the Student Life Desk just outside of the ASB Office in Schimmel!



  •  Dropping a class: You may continue to withdraw from classes through Friday, November 7th. Pick up a course change card in the Registrar’s Office and pay the $10 fee to withdraw.
  •  Transcripts: Have you taken a course recently at another college or university? Make sure you request an official transcript be sent to our Registrar’s Office.
  •  Freshman: Final high school transcripts are needed in the Registrar’s Office. If we haven’t received your final high school transcript you were notified via e-mail. We must have your transcript prior to the start of spring semester registration, otherwise you will not be allowed to register for classes until it is received.
  •  Graduating in 2014-15, but haven’t applied to graduate?: Please stop by the Registrar’s Office and pick up a graduation application. The last day to submit your application is: December 1, 2014.



Men’s Soccer:

  • Friday, October 10th vs. The College of Idaho @4pm (Warrior Field)
  • Saturday, October 11th vs. Oregon Tech @1pm (Warrior Field)

Campus Recreation Department:

  • Sports Center GUEST FEE NOTICE:
    Effective Tuesday, October 14th, 2014. All non-alumni guest will pay a $5.00 guest fee. All alumni guest who graduated in 2013-2014 are free of charge up to one year following graduation. All other alumni guest will pay a $3.00 guest fee.
  • Guest Hours (includes alumni):
    Monday-Thursday 6pm-11pm
    Friday 6pm-10pm (closed during home matches)
    Saturday 6pm-10pm
    Game days 11am-4pm
    Sunday 6pm-10pm
  • No charge: Full and part-time Students, Staff, Faculty and all immediate family members of the aforementioned.
  • Intramural Leagues/Tournaments: Participation remains at no cost for all ALUMNI.

Questions? Contact Director of Campus Recreation Donny Zavala.


Interested in Japanese Anime?

Have you ever been interested in learning more about Japanese Anime, and what makes it such a unique form of art and storytelling? Join us Monday, October 13th at 7:00pm in PV108 for an in-depth look at this media with a special screening of Makoto Shinkai’s classic “5 Centimeters Per Second”. Any questions? Email Curtis Brown.


Many THANKS from the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations!

A sincere thank you to all those students to helped during Homecoming & Family Weekend and attended events!


From the Office of Student Life:

  • New office hours at the Student Life desk! The desk will be manned from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday! All emails or voice mails to Student Life may be responded to by either Cathy Downs or Brittany Croft.
  • Changes to campus health services –Although Corban has had to say goodbye to our campus nurse, health services resources are still available to you! We have created a page of community resources. Click here  to help you locate medical support off campus. When health issues impact class attendance, students are encouraged to communicate this information directly to their faculty who will reach out to Student Life personnel if needed.

If you have further questions, please email Pam Standridge, Director of Wellness Services, or call her at 503.375.7177.


If you have had difficulty with your subscription to the Corban Clips, please try to activate it again. Information Services recently attempted to fix the difficulties in receiving the Clips directly to your email. Please go to the blog on the “Inside Corban” page and scroll down and “re-subcribe”. If you find that next week it does not go directly to your email, please give feedback to Student Life.


CLT Student Initiatives presents…

Triple Ten Devos!

Who we are: We’re different than a typical campus Bible study. Triple Ten Devos consists of students gathering for both personal devotions, and a time of sharing God’s Word with each other.
What we do: Each Triple Ten gathering is split into three parts:
1. Ten minutes of personal Bible reading
2. Ten minutes of journaling/praying
3. Ten minutes of sharing what we read with each other
When: 8:00-8:30 PM, every Tuesday night.
Where: The Library, South Solarium