What’s happening at Corban this week?!

Beach Party TOMORROW!

Beach Party Pic

See you at Bob Straub State Park from 2-8, for free food and a blast of fun you’ll never forget!! Follow this link for more information (like directions).


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– Weekly Practices –
Thursdays 7:00-9:00 PM – PV109

• No experience required
• Opportunity to compete in intercollegiate tournaments in Oregon and Washington
• For further information contact: Professor Tony Caito .


Triple Ten Devos!

Who we are: We’re different than a typical campus Bible study. Triple Ten Devos consists of students gathering for both personal devotions, and a time of sharing God’s Word with each other.

What we do: Each Triple Ten gathering is split into three parts:
1. Ten minutes of personal Bible reading
2. Ten minutes of journaling/praying
3. Ten minutes of sharing what we read with each other
When: 8:00-8:30 PM, every Tuesday night.

Where: The Library, South Solarium

Brought to you by CLT, if you have question contact Spencer Raibley.


C.E. Jeffers Sports Center has a new Scan-In System

We are excited to announce that our Sports Center is now equipped with a student/staff ID CARD SCAN-IN SYSTEM.
Beginning today, all students, staff and faculty are required to scan-in when making use of the facility. Scanning in is required for the use of the Student Fitness Center, Campus Recreation events, sport clubs and open gym use (basketball and volleyball).
Students attending athletic practices, fitness classes or any other class for academic purposes, are not required to scan-in during these times.
Alumni and Guest are required to use the “Guest Check-in” option as prompted on the screen.
The scan in system will allow us to capture usage data allowing us to measure the success of our recreational programs. Your cooperation is extremely important.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Sports Center! Here’s the calendar of events and hours for the Sports Center. Please send all of your questions to Donny Zavala.


ADDING OR DROPPING A CLASS: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, is the last day to add a class to your fall schedule and the last day to drop a class without a fee. If you need to change your schedule you may drop the class yourself or see your advisor. After September 6th you will be allowed to withdraw from a course in the Registrar’s Office, but there will be a $10 drop fee per class.

If you did not apply to graduate last April, it is not too late. Pick up a graduation application in the Registrar’s Office and submit your paperwork before December 1st, 2014.
Please be aware that the application fee has doubled.



Wondering how to sign up, get involved, form a team, play for fun or go on an overnight trip with us?
Registrations: Go to our website and download the most
current registration form. Fill it out and bring in to our office, or come
by our office for a registration form.
Want to register for a team event but don’t have a team to
sign up with? Don’t worry, sign and up we will add you to a team.
Want to work out and nothing else? No problem. Simply come
to Student Fitness Center during our open hours.

Interested in shooting some hoops, play some volleyball, or play
table tennis? Simply come in during our open recreation times.

I heard we have a Disc Golf Course and Running Trails? Yes we do!
You can find the information on our website under the OPEN REC.
tab. You can play and run as available.

How much does it cost? All activities with the exception of some
Outdoor Adventure are cost free.

What do I win? We are all winners when you participate, you are
getting out meeting new friends, staying healthy and enjoying fellowship!
Intramural Team Champions will receive a Champ T-shirt.

How do I know when a new program starts or is upcoming?
Schedules will always be updated on our website.

Call us 503-375-7588 or Email


Want to know what is coming up in Chapel?

Check the chapel schedule and don’t miss a single opportunity to be blessed by the amazing speakers, worship of our Lord with your Corban community!


Poster/Map Give Away!

The library has some very dated posters/maps to give away. Stop by the Upstairs Circulation Desk to pick up a map starting Monday. We would like to encourage you to pray for a country on the map and for the people represented by the area covered on the map. There will be other poster giveaways so continue to check back.



Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to register! Look at some of the AMAZING places we’ll be visiting, and things we’ll be doing: Windsor Castle, the British Museum, Pasties, Worship at Spurgeon’s Church, Scones, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Big Ben, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, C.S. Lewis, Oxford, The Kilns, Stonehenge, Bangers & Mash, Jane Austen’s House, the dining room at Hogwarts School, the Roman Baths, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle, St. Andrews Castle and Cathedral… and more. FOR MORE INFO: contact Dr. Sam Baker .


From the Reach office:

Check out all Reach information and instructions on Converge, My Courses, Reach. If you do not see Reach on your My Courses list, follow this link and enroll yourself. For those of you still with summer Reach work to submit, the due date is 9-26-2014.


Attention students- FREE gift cards!

You like free things and we like your photos! Let’s get together and make each other happy. Submit photos to Rebeka Benham with the subject line “PHOTOS for CARDS” and we’ll keep track. If we use YOUR photo in a publication/email/etc. we’ll pop a gift card in the mail to you!
What are we looking for? The cool stuff we see floating around on FB and Instagram… seriously, you guys are talented! Send ‘em our way!

Questions? Email Heidi Stowman or Beka



Do you enjoy science, camp counseling and investing in the lives of kids? Are you looking for a fun way to earn a REACH credit? Cascade Junior High needs cabin counselors for the week of October 5th-10th. If you are interested or have any questions please contact Cara Teterud.


From the Office of Campus Safety:

We are posting many great resources about campus safety. Be sure and like us on FB  and tell a friend!


Warrior Athletics:

Friday, September 12: Corban Volleyball vs. Warner Pacific College 7 p.m.
Saturday, September 13: Corban Volleyball vs. Concordia University 5 p.m.
Tuesday, September 16: Corban Men’s Soccer vs. Concordia University 4 p.m.