GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: FINAL COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS DUE:  Graduating Seniors, if you have taken classes from another college or university all official transcripts from other institutions must be received in the Registrar’s Office by April 1st.  All REACH requirements must be completed by April 1st of the senior year.

DROPPING CLASSES: Students you have until Friday, March 14th to withdraw from classes.  Please check online in SIS to make sure that your schedule is correct.  If you need to drop a class, stop by the Registrar’s Office to pick up the necessary paperwork and pay the $10 fee per class dropped.


Corban Univ. Library

Saturday, February 15, 2013    CLOSED
Sunday,   February 16, 2013    CLOSED
Monday,  February 17, 2013    2:00– 11:00pm



Hoff School of Business (HSB) is sponsoring Lemonade Day in Salem/Kaiser. This is the first venture in the Northwest. If you are interested in mentoring a middle-school student (taking them through a very child-friendly, cartoon-laden workbook) contact Griff Lindell, Dean of the HSB. You don’t have to be a business major to mentor – you just have to love kids – and help them answer the questions that will build their 14-step process in starting a lemonade stand business!
A sample of the Mentoring Guide is available in the Dean’s office. Contact Dean Lindell if you are interested.
About Lemonade Day – from the national website:
America was built on the back of small business. Entrepreneurs take risks believing they can realize their dream if they work hard, take responsibility and act as good stewards of their resources. Today’s youth share that optimism, but lack the life skills, mentorship and real-world experience necessary to be successful. In 2007, founder Michael Holthouse had a vision to empower today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through helping them start, own and operate their very own business…a lemonade stand. Lemonade Day is a strategic 14-step process that walks youth from a dream to a business plan, while teaching them the same principles required to start any big company. Inspiring kids to work hard and make a profit, they are also taught to spend some, save some and share some by giving back to their community. Launched in Houston, Texas in 2007, Lemonade Day has grown from 2,700 kids in one city to 150,000 kids in 36 cities across America and Canada. With the help of partners like Google, Lemonade Day will bring this entrepreneurial experience to 1 million kids in 100 cities across America, sparking entrepreneurship and empowering youth in a way that’s never been done to scale.