The Barn

Music House

As you may know, the Music House is coming down soon. The Barn team will be cleaning out the space and collecting salvaged materials, some of which will be available via a silent auction the week of May 16th. All proceeds will benefit The Barn. Information about the silent auction will be made available sometime next week. 

In addition to the silent auction for salvaged materials from WITHIN the music house, there is also an opportunity for those who would like to have access to the plants/shrubs immediately ADJACENT to the house. This winner-take-all auction will allow the highest bidder to take as many plants/shrubs as they desire, but everything must be removed by Saturday, May 14th.  On Sunday, May 15th anything left in the ground is free for the taking and no landscape materials may be removed after May 16th because the house will be demolished and the site unsafe.

Bottom line, if you would like to be involved in bidding for the landscaping materials, let Brenda Roth know ASAP.  Only those who express interest at this point will be provided the additional information needed to participate.