Starting Right

One degree. Seems so little. Yet, as many small plane pilots can tell you, one degree can make all the difference. For every sixty miles pilots fly off one degree, they miss their destination by a mile. If you left Seattle for our Salem campus, one degree would mean you’d miss our campus by four miles. If you left Seattle for your dream vacation in Tokyo, but the pilot was just one degree off, you would vacation in Pyongyang, capitol of North Korea. Big difference.

So beginning on track is crucial in travel, but even more so in our theology. This special issue of Dedicated concentrates on the beginning, creation. Each year Corban faculty gather for reading and discussion groups around a key theme in biblical integration. This year, we’re sharing some of our faculty thinking on our current theme.

This issue contains considerations of foundational issues such as the creation account itself and the biblical theme of imago Dei. Dr. Gary Derickson evaluates the biblical interpretation issues within the major views on creation. Dr. Mark Jacobson offers a challenging consideration of what the creation account does and doesn’t say. Dr. Jim Dyer reflects on the worldviews and science behind creation and evolution views. Dr. Tim Anderson uncovers key implications of what it means that we have been made in God’s image. This issue also contains creative reflections on God’s work by Dr. Collette Tennant and Writer-in-Residence Gina Ochsner. Two of our business faculty, Drs. Shawn Hussey and Erik Straw, discuss how our view of creation impacts work. Dr. Hussey considers human resource management in light of imago Dei theology. Dr. Straw contemplates how technology serves to mediate one of God’s creation purposes. Finally, two of our faculty offer helpful reviews of creation resources. Dr. Christie Petersen reviews the excellent teaching resource God’s Amazing Creation by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt. Dr. Kent Kersey shares an audio interview with Christopher Roberts, author of Creation and Covenant.

The direction we start journey says a lot about our destination.

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