Connecting and Reflecting

By Dr. Greg Trull, Dean of Ministries, Professor of Biblical Studies

This is a special issue of DEDICATED. We celebrate 35 years of teaching ministry by Dr. Bob Wright. Bob created the missions program at Corban that has sent hundreds to make a difference in the world for Christ. He also has mentored many of Corban’s current faculty.

I know my life and ministry have been deeply impacted by Bob. For my 21 years here, I have had the joy of working across the hall from a legend who is also my friend. This issue conveys our love for Bob and his love for world ministry. We’re reflecting back through a timeless article he wrote in his first year at Western, and through a moving tribute by his son, Jon. We’re also looking at connecting to the needy world around us.

The photos above show Bob in his adventurous days in the Amazon (Jon’s article describes them in detail), and more recently in the classroom here at Corban. Even though he is wearing two ammunition belts, he is not to be confused with the Shooting Salvationist mentioned below!

Karen Pease, one of Bob’s former students, considers missionaries and theological training. Her experience teaching in China made her realize that connecting requires not only an understanding of the culture, but also an intimate grasp of the Gospel and Scripture.

Lee Ann Zanon, our wonderful editor, reviews What is the Mission of the Church? The book addresses the missional trend in ministry today, including issues such as church involvement in social justice issues. You will enjoy the rich biblical assessment and encouragement of authors Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert.

Dr. Kent Kersey reviews The Shooting Salvationist, the fascinating story of the infamous murder trial of J. Frank Morris, leader of the fundamentalist movement of the 1920’s. This work, written by a pastor, explores the historical and cultural surroundings of one of the most polarizing figures in the early fundamentalist movement.

I hope you enjoy the solid encouragement in this issue and join us in celebrating decades of faithful ministry by Bob Wright. Words cannot capture and only eternity will tell how many lives he has impacted!

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