Made New Poems

Good Friday Meditation to Christ Our Lord

The day You died, Your blood poured down,

a mighty fugue,

arpeggios streaming from Golgotha,

counterpoint of loss and salvation,

obligato of redemption,

crescendo and decrescendo,

a chorus of love from the cross.


A Scherzo of Stars

. . .in which you shine

like stars in the universe.

Philippians 2:15


In tidal pools, stars

the color of pomegranates

cling to the same rock

to the same ledge on the cliff

their chapter and verse appetites

satisfied, satisfied, satisfied

while their brilliant sisters

swing through the night,

performers who have

put the score away –

free now to glory, glory,

glory in the son.


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1 Response to Made New Poems

  1. Marty says:

    Thank you for writing these and sharing them with us! Powerful ways of thinking about being made new! My favorite lines “performers who have put the score away” and “arpeggios streaming from Golgotha.” Thanks again!

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