A Night in Indonesia

Indonesia . . . the world’s largest archipelago stretches across the base of Asia. Its 17,000 islands present a rich mosaic: a population over 260 million, over 700 spoken languages, and a myriad of religions and ways of life. Corban University students and local Indonesian performers will spirit you away to Read More

International Chapel

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” John 14:6 International Chapel: Scripture Reading Wednesday, October 19th International Chapel opened with the reading of this scripture in English, Malagasy, French, Walak, Lanny, Bahasa and Namma/Damara (see link Read More

Summer at the Corban Language Institute: Teaching, Tutoring and TOEFL Preparation

The Pathway to English program has been in full swing this summer. In between soccer games, cultural trips and summer fun, Pathway students study full-time at the Corban University campus.  Courses run all year. Pathway, an intensive English language program, helps international Christian students develop meaningful language and cultural skills for success Read More

South Korean Students Study English and Explore Oregon

Seventeen South Korean students joined the Corban University community for a three-week English training camp this summer.   The first Summer of Success program brought Corban faculty, community leaders, and Korean guests together for intensive English and leadership courses in the Corban Language Institute.  “This was a very special experience for us,” Read More

First Summer of Success Camp Brings South Korean Students to Corban

Thomas Berney leads seventeen South Korean middle school students on a tour of the Corban University campus.  This week, the Corban Language Institute welcomes Awana Korea for the first Summer of Success camp.  Students engage with Scripture, English, and university life in an international setting with courses in English Communication, Gospel Read More

International Students Reflect on Spring Break Mission Trips

Former CUEST students are making a difference for Jesus Christ in Papua, Indonesia–and the United States. Three former CUEST students seized the opportunity to join Spring Break mission trips. Far from Papua, the students traveled a combined total of 9,800 miles by car and plane to serve in Los Angeles, Read More

Cultural Trips Week Develops English Skills, Builds Teamwork

Students in the Corban Language Institute’s Pathway to English Program are learning English in the classroom—and putting it to the test on the street. Last week, students split into teams of ten and set off on three cultural trips. Students: Explored downtown Portland Surmounted obstacles at a bouldering gym Went Read More

The Corban Language Institute: Study English in the Heart of Oregon

Building on top of the strong, foundational success of the CUEST program, The Corban University Center for Global Engagement is rebranding the program and its offerings to make it both more marketable to all future international students and to align with the practices of similar programs across the United States. Read More

Building on the Success of CUEST

The Corban University Essential Skills Transition (CUEST) program has been a great success! Led by Evan Brammer, student TOEFL scores have increased during the 8-month program—building early success for our Papuan students and greater onset success as university freshmen. Student perceptions indicate high confidence in meeting their academic goals based Read More

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