Cultural Trips Week Develops English Skills, Builds Teamwork

Students in the Corban Language Institute’s Pathway to English Program are learning English in the classroom—and putting it to the test on the street.

Last week, students split into teams of ten and set off on three cultural trips.


  • Explored downtown Portland
  • Surmounted obstacles at a bouldering gym
  • Went airborne at a trampoline park
Students posed at Pioneer Square in Portland
Group C posed at Pioneer Square in Portland

Downtown Portland: Teams Practice English in an Immersive Environment

Teams launched from the base of Pioneer Square to the malls, bookstores, and coffee shops heart of Portland’s cultural district.

Cultural Trip PDX
Pioneer Square, Portland

Equipped with maps, students navigated downtown Portland while practicing their English studies in an immersive environment.

Downtown Portland

Mirius Wenda enjoyed a coffee shop but remarked that “togetherness is more important [than independence]” after reuniting with friends in Pioneer Square.

Mirius Wenda at Pioneer Square, Portland

Bouldering: Teams Build Dexterity and Learn Practical Skills

Students pushed to the summit of climbing walls at a bouldering gym.

Colored blocks offer multiple routes to the top

Cheered on by their peers, the adventurous maneuvered around a variety of challenging obstacles.

Aimur Pagawak maintains balance on a slackline
Aimur Pagawak maintains balance on a slackline
Pemare Yigibalom ascends the face of a rock wall
DSC_0060 (002)-min
Wis Wakerkwa surmounts a “boulder”

Bouldering, Wenda reflected, teaches “a good lesson: we have to work hard and not give up.”

Students pose at the summit of a rock wall

Get Air Trampoline Park: Better Together

Cultural Trips week concluded with an evening of fellowship at a local trampoline park.10409486_981798808540805_8384728272723002725_n

Current Pathway students united with their undergraduate peers, building friendship and camaraderie.

get air

The payoff of Cultural Trips Week?  Students enjoyed the encouragement, fellowship and “togetherness” of a community of fellow English language learners in the Corban Language Institute.

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