Building on the Success of CUEST

Papuan students pose in front of Schimmel Hall with CUEST director Eric Brammer.
Papuan students pose in front of Schimmel Hall with CUEST director Evan Brammer.

The Corban University Essential Skills Transition (CUEST) program has been a great success!

Led by Evan Brammer, student TOEFL scores have increased during the 8-month program—building early success for our Papuan students and greater onset success as university freshmen.

Student perceptions indicate high confidence in meeting their academic goals based on their time in the CUEST program and more frequency in church attendance and reading the Bible.

CUEST students communicate a strong calling to the future leadership in the Papuan province of Indonesia.

Perceptions indicate a commitment to making positive, innovative change in Papua and students see themselves as a critical part of that change.

“I am learning things in my classes that will be necessary for change … Papua needs economic development, order, less crime and more opportunity.”

Several students also note that CUEST is an advantage for them,

“We would like to advise [the government] that this [CUEST] is a great opportunity to leave [Papua], learn and return … to make Papua better.”

Challenges will occur, but the CUEST program provides community and support for the Western university experience,

“There will be culture shock … I didn’t know how to turn on the sink! But we learned and survived together.”

We are pleased with these early results of the first cohort of CUEST students.


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