The Corban Language Institute: Study English in the Heart of Oregon

We're delighted to introduce the Corban Language Institute (CLI).
For more information, please contact the Center for Global Engagement at

Building on top of the strong, foundational success of the CUEST program, The Corban University Center for Global Engagement is rebranding the program and its offerings to make it both more marketable to all future international students and to align with the practices of similar programs across the United States.

We are excited to launch the Corban Language Institute (CLI). The CLI will include our:

  • intensive English language Pathway program (formerly CUEST),
  • summer English fluency programs for high school students and other university students who need to increase their English language proficiency skills, and
  • future internship programs for Corban students going abroad during the summer to teach English.

Evan Brammer has agreed to serve as the Director of the Corban Language Institute overseeing Pathway, the summer English Language Institutes, and other future CLI programming.

The flagship Pathway creates an avenue into Corban University for international students where there was no path before. More will be announced next month when the CLI website goes live and Brammer heads to Indonesia to begin recruiting for the summer intensive program and for the Fall 2016 Pathway students

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