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2017 EBS Recap Video (downloadable .mov file)

Awana Korea reaches over 16,000 students weekly in 300 churches across South Korea with Gospel-centered teaching, games and activities.  Increasingly, Awana Korea reaches across the globe to Vietnam, China and other parts of East Asia.  As the organization expands its reach, English language fluency becomes increasingly important.  The goal of English Bible School camps is to expose students to the Gospel through the platform of after-school English classes at churches. The CGE seeks to fill key internships positions with Awana Korea’s English Bible School and related summer ministries.  National missionaries, who understand the complexity of their countries, assist the churches which use the Awana program.  National leaders of Awana Korea decide where to allocate U.S. and other overseas mission teams to best support the international ministry of Awana Korea.

Provider: Corban University and Awana Korea

Seoul, South Korea and environs


  • Mission trip teams break into teams of four and serve 40 to 60 students for 4 to 7 hours a day over the course of each four-day camp.  Camps during the school year typically take place on two weekend days and two weekdays at Seoul-area churches.
  • US interns teach 4-8 short classes in English daily; lead songs, skits and games; offer testimonies and build relationships with students as positive role models.
  • Skits focus on Bible stories that kids can relate to.  An interpretation of the skit with Korean interpretation follows each skit.
  • Interns have a 3- to 4-day rest period between camps for lesson planning, training and sightseeing.
  • Curriculum and on-site training are provided.  Interns do not need experience in teaching English as a second language.
  • Church volunteers and parents see to the organization of camps, allowing interns to focus on teaching and building relationships with students.
  • Interns, students and chaperones unite for musical worship time once or twice per day.
  • Students divide into four equal groups and rotate between classes for 20 to 25 minutes each.

English Bible School (EBS) participants are eligible to earn following credits by approval with the Dean of Ministries at Corban University.  Supplementary readings and/or assignments may be required.

  1. CM 123 Cross-Cultural Internship (3) OR
  2. CM 201 Sophomore Practicum (1) OR
  3. CM 301 Junior Practicum (1)

EBS is also eligible for REACH credit with the appropriate forms.

Students may live in host homes, hotels, guesthouses, apartments or other accommodations as arranged by Awana Korea.  Awana Korea has a strong reputation for serving visiting missionaries professionally and oversees all in-country trip logistics from housing to meals to transportation.  Awana Korea and the churches that host the camps provide interns’ accommodation in apartments or guesthouses.


  • Two-week minimum
  • Optional Extension trips to Vietnam and China in late May
  • Optional 1- to 3-month extended internships in South Korea throughout the summer.

Students may opt to participate in EBS and continue into an internship with Awana Korea.

Program Dates
Summer 2018: May 7 to 24

$1,905 to $2,315

Application requirements for EBS

  1. A completed Summer of Service (S.O.S.) paper application (available at the Center for Global Engagement Office in AC 5517)
  2. S.O.S. Confidential Reference
  3. Vaccinations or Signed Liability Waiver (all travelers must receive the vaccinations prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control for South Korea under “Some Travelers” and “Most Travelers”).
  4. Attendance at all Corban University S.O.S. meetings.

Submit all materials to: Center for Global Engagement, AC 5517, global@corban.edu

More Information
Center for Global Engagement
Academic Center 5517
Phone: 503-589-8154
Email: global@corban.edu


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