Workshop Engages Students and Faculty in Cross-Cultural Communication

Thirty-eight Corban University students and faculty explored cross-cultural communication in a Cultural Intelligence (CQ) workshop held February 26 and 27.  Led by Dr. Janine Allen, participants considered concepts such as:

  • Power distance
  • Leadership styles in culturally diverse settings
  • Individualism versus collectivism
  • Direct versus indirect communication
  • Uncertainty avoidance
Students and faculty alike contributed to the 2016 Cultural Intelligence Workshop


Why study CQ?

  • Leadership development: Offering training in effective cross-cultural ministry, the CQ workshop prepared faculty and students for leadership development opportunities abroad.
  • Ministry: Cultural sensitivity helps us “become all things to all people” in ministry, as Paul writes in I Corinthians 9:22.
  • Career: As Dr. Annette Harrison observed, “In an increasingly pluralistic and diverse American society, and in an increasingly globalized world, learning what Cultural Intelligence is and how to leverage it in our careers and vocations is essential.”
CQ _ 1-min
Corban University faculty discussed cultural values at the 2016 Cultural Intelligence workshop.


The takeaway?  Many students found the portfolio of their unique strengths and weaknesses in intercultural communication, based on comparison to globalized norms, to be the most compelling aspect of the workshop.  The workshop “not only furthered my understanding of Cultural Intelligence,” reflected Lexi McQueary (Business, ’18), “but expanded my interest in the study of cultures all around the world.”

CQ _ 3-min
Participants in break-out sessions considered the rich diversity of cultural values even within groups as small as six.


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