One thought on “The Emerging Ebola Crisis

  1. Why does Corban University exist? “To educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.” That happened all day long today.

    Thanks to Dr. Paul Johnson, Dr. Sarah Comstock and Dr. Annette Harrison to hosting Dr. Debbie Eisenhut, who spoke to 600+ students, staff and faculty during chapel this morning, and then to several Life Sciences | Intercultural Studies classes this afternoon.

    Thanks also to ABC’s KATU, CBS’s KOIN, and NBC’s KGW for interviewing Dr. Debbie Eisenhut in the two hours leading up to this evening’s 7 p.m. program in the Psalm Center, which took her important message out to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

    As well, thanks to Statesman Journal’s coverage of this evening’s public address | Q&A by Debbie Eisenhut, M.D., which some 200 attended.

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