Oxford Scholar’s Semester

Spend a semester as a Registered Visiting Student of Oxford University.  Take rigorous academic tutorials from leading experts in your discipline and prepare for graduate school.

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Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford
8 Norham Gardens
United Kingdom

Students take 17 semester hours of rigorous academic credit.  Primary and Secondary Tutorials differ from a North American format.  Students meet with a tutor (professor) once weekly (Primary Tutorials) or once bi-weekly (Secondary Tutorials).  Oxford SSO demands advanced independent thought, critical thinking and time management skills.

Transfer Credit Possibilities

This chart provides a reference point to possible course substitutions.  All course substitutions require a Course Substitution Form signed and approved by the appropriate department chair(s) and the Registrar’s Office.  Contact the CGE to pick up and submit a Course Substitution Form and request help.

Oxford Scholars’ Semester Corban Catalog: 2017/18 and Prior Corban Catalog: 2018/19 Onward
Code Title Credits Code Title Credits Code Title Credits
ID304 British Studies Core Course* 4 CO403 Intercultural Communication 3 CO403 OR IS Intercultural Communication OR Intercultural Studies Elective 3

All remaining courses depend on a plan of study that the student and tutor will create together.  More transfer credit possibilities are available upon request to global@corban.edu.  Most Research Seminar, Primary Tutorial and Secondary Tutorial courses at SSO may transfer as upper-division degree-specific requirements with department approval.
All approvals of transfer credit require a signed and completed Course Substitution Form.

SCIO has two Oxford residences: the North Wing of Wycliffe Hall, a large college residence north of the centre of town; and The Vines, a late-Victorian mansion on Headington Hill overlooking Oxford’s ‘dreaming spires’.

A fifteen-week semester offered in Fall and Spring.  Students may opt to spend a full year at Oxford.  Summer option: Oxford Summer Programme.

Program Dates

Fall 2018: Aug 31 – Dec 11

Spring 2019: Jan 4 – Apr 15

Fall 2019: Sep 6 – Dec 16

$19,050 (2018-19)

 BestSemester Application Requirements for SSO

  1. 3.7 GPA
  2. Junior or senior at the time of matriculation. Sophomores may apply but are encouraged to attend in their junior or senior years.
  3. A completed online application form
  4. $50 application fee (payable by check or credit card)
  5. 3 faculty references (online)
  6. 1 character reference (online)
  7. 1 honors director or department chair reference
  8. Forms (Download at http://www.bestsemester.com/apply/required-campus-application-forms)
    • Official transcript(s) of all college course work
    • Certification form (signed by the Corban University Registrar and the Associate Director of the Center for Global Engagement)
    • Social/behavioral standing verification form (signed by the Corban University Dean of Student Life)
  9. Non-refundable $300 confirmation fee

Additional Corban University Application Requirements for SSO

  1. Study Abroad Pre-application
  2. Course Substitution Form

Due Dates

Spring 2018
Semester applications accepted until Oct 1 or until all spots are filled

Fall 2018
Yearlong applications accepted until May 1 or until all spots are filled
Semester applications accepted until Jun 1 or until all spots are filled

Spring 2019
Semester applications accepted until Oct 1 or until all spots are filled



More Information
Center for Global Engagement
Academic Center 5517
Phone: 503-589-8154
Email: global@corban.edu

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