Israel Bible Exchange

The Israel-Bible Extension program, “IBEX”, is The Master’s University extension program in Israel.  IBEX provides an immersive semester in Israel’s geography, history, archaeology, and culture as well as Hebrew language and Old Testament studies.  IBEX can partially fulfill the Bible and Theology requirements for Corban University general education requirements as well as upper-division Bible and Theology classes.

Provider: The Master’s University

Yad Hashmonah
DN Harei Yehuda

Transfer Credit Possibilities

IBEX Course Code IBEX Title IBEX Credits Corban Course Code Corban Title Corban Credits
IBEX300 The Land & The Bible 4 BI BI-prefix General Education requirement 3
IBEX320 Jewish Thought & Culture 3 HU Humanities Elective 3
IBEX367 History of Ancient Israel 3 HU Humanities Elective 3

 More transfer credit options may be available.  All approvals of transfer credit require a signed and completed Course Substitution Form.

Students live at the IBEX extension campus in the Jerusalem vicinity.  Facilities include dormitory, cafeteria, library, classroom and student lounge.

A fifteen-week semester offered in Spring and Fall.

$23,575 (2017-18)

Students attending IBEX from Corban University are considered non-matriculating for The Master’s University.  No financial aid is available from Corban University or TMU.  Federal loans may be available.

The Master’s University Application Requirements for IBEX

  1. Consortium Student IBEX Application:
  2. You have or will have taken Old Testament Survey I prior to attending IBEX.
  3. GPA of 2.75.
  4. You have checked with your academic advisor about compatibility of units.
  5. You have checked with your parents.
  6. You must be a student at Baptist Bible College, Cedarville University, Corban University, Moody Bible Institute, or Philadelphia Biblical University.
  7. Picture of yourself (a small, black-and-white picture works well).
  8. Pastor Recommendation.
  9. Have all required representatives sign your application:
    • IBEX Representative on campus (Associate Director of the Center for Global Engagement)
    • Registrar (Academic Office in Schimmel)
    • Vice President for Academics (Academic Office in Schimmel)
    • Student Finance Manager (Associate Director of Student Accounts in Schimmel)
  10. International travel insurance

Additional Corban University Application Requirements for IBEX

  1. Study Abroad Pre-application
  2. Course Substitution Form

Due Dates
There is no deadline for applying, but capacity fills up quickly. TMU reserves two spots for Consortium & Non-Consortium students, and they are released in March.

Website (application) (program information)

More Information

Center for Global Engagement
Academic Center 5517
Phone: 503-589-8154

Kaitlyn Stire
Ibex Secretary
Phone: 661.362.2616
Email: Ibexoffice@Masters.Edu



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