ASB Changes and Commuters

The following is the ASB announcement of changes for the Fall of 2015:

Corban’s ASB Executive Board would like to proudly present a new and exciting chapter in our organization’s history. The Executive Board began the year by evaluating past and present limitations of the current ASB Executive Board model. As a result, the team spent the Fall 2014 semester intensely reflecting, researching, and collaborating to identify the needs of students and the ASB Executive Board. This led to the design of a new organizational structure that will better meet the current and future needs of the student body. These changes have been made with prayerful thought and constitutional process. To support these changes, ASB will add nine hired coordinators under the direction of the ASB Leadership Cabinet. (Coordinators will be upperclassmen who live on campus per the stipulations of the CLT scholarship.)


How does this big organizational change affect commuters? It’s a great change for commuters at Corban!!!

  • More ASB focus on commuters- ASB has dedicated a Vice President towards those who do not live on campus. (Public Outreach and Commuters)
  • More Representation- The student Senate, of which a commuter will sit, will provide an  opportunity to represent the commuter voice to ASB.

Commuter Council

Commuter Counsel will continue to meet in the Spring. Our first meeting will be the first week of February. We will be discussing the following:

  • ASB Change, Commuters, and the commuter council
  • Current Commuter Concerns/Issue/Voice
  • Future Events

We are currently accepting more council members. Contact Eugene Edwards if you are interested. It is a one hour a month dinner commitment. Be a voice, represent, enjoy time with other commuters.


Student Center


1) Mural is basically complete. I love it! I would like to do more projects on our campus like this. Tell Eugene if you have ideas.

2) New paint downstairs.

3) Fireplace will be back up by the end of the week.

4) Look for the upholstery to by upgraded on the once nasty window seats.

5) Art additions, kitchen upgrades, and pool table maintenance next.


Activities- Commuter Event Form

Do you have an activity that you and other commuters want to be a part of? Need money to do it? Need advertising? Other support? Come by the Student Life Office and pick up the Commuter Event form. You propose the idea for at least 4 of your peers and the commuter office will help you both fund and publicize it.

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