Commuter Counsel

Commuter Counsel will be meeting next week. The representatives are: Salina Cadena, Hannah Fish, Hunter Hoover, Simon Howard, Ryan Johnson, Dana Nighswonger, Jessica Snook, Hannah Coleman, Megan McClure, Patricia Sawers, Mark Schearer, Olivia Sparks, Mary Suddarth. Please contact them with items you would like to have discussed on your behalf.


Commuter Small Groups- There are a few small groups meeting. If you would like to get connected with one of these groups please contact Eugene Edwards at eedwards@corban.edu. He will work with you and the small groups to see if one fits for you. There is always the opportunity to start a new one should the need arises.


Give-away- This giveaway works for the freshmen. $25 gift card to the first freshmen to come to my office and answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel connected to the Corban community?
  • What helps commuters get connected?
  • What would you have changed about the first month of your Corban experience?


Housing Preference- Next week the Housing Preference online will be made available to you. Please complete this survey. It will take you anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This will help us identify who you are geographically in relation to other commuters.


Activities- Do you have an idea? Would your idea engage other members of the Corban community? Do you need funding or support to make this happen? Come see Eugene. He will work with you to determine if your idea can receive that financial or organizational support.


Student Center- Fireplace! It will be installed within the week. You activate it by first pushing the button on the devise connected to the power outlet. When the power is activated you may start the fireplace using the remote control.  Do not move the remote control from the fireplace.


Welcome November!

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