New Mini Kitchen is ready!

The larger fridge is in. There are now cabinets with a nice counter top in the new room. I am still working on the possibility of a second microwave and other small appliances. I will also gradually decorate that room to give it some personality. No doubt it will have a commuter community announcements board at some point. That, I anticipate will be a nice complement to this blog and our Facebook page.


Over the next 4 or 5 months, expect further changes to be made to the main lounge. Id like more comfortable seating for eating, homework, and socializing. (Don’t worry, I have no intention to take the pool table- just fix it up a bit.) I will also be looking to redecorate the walls. Oh, and that place is so cold! I’m brainstorming a fix.


Let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions. I’m listening.

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  1. Emily Teterud says:

    I peeked in the new room in the student center. Looks great! Thanks for all the work you’re putting into this!

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