Welcome Fall 2015!

I am looking forward to this upcoming year. I believe this will be the best year for commuters at Corban to date!

The following is a list of some offerings this semester.

Commuter Council- This group will meet once a month with Eugene Edwards to discuss commuter needs and future events. This group may also employ strategies to bring about a sense of belonging amongst commuters. As an added bonus the meetings are held at local restaurants and your bill is covered!

Giveaways!!! Like this one. The 33rd person to email eedwards@gmail.com the length of their drive to Corban will receive a $25 gift card for gas!

Small Groups- Signup for small groups by emailing Eugene Edwards. He will send out a list of others who are interested being in a small group. As a group you can arrange a time that will work well for each of you. Commuter Life will buy the small group materials you use and will purchase up to $10 of food and drink per meeting.

Facebook- If you are not connected to the Corban Undergraduate Commuters, request an invite. Admins will get you into the group. Here is another place to get updates or communicate with other commuters.

Student Center- We continue to make additions to the Student Center, the area around the coffee shop.

Activities- Commuter Life will continue to attempt to connect you to the activities that are happening with the Corban Community. The email updates and the blog will help keep you in the loop.

If you have an event you would like to run, come by Student Life and pick up an Commuter Event Proposal Form. You have the idea, we might just have the funds.

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