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Kathy Martens (can prevent forest fires)

Kathy Martens (can prevent forest fires)

Kathy Martens is one of a long list of Martins/Martyns/Martens/Marten that have worked at Corban. But some people (like me) didn’t know that her distinction is that it is pronounced mar-TENS.

Kathy has worked for CEOs for most of her jobs, in Utah and Central Oregon. Just before coming to Corban she worked for Wells Fargo Private Bank. When I asked how she found this job she said it was listed in indeed.com, a job seeker’s paradise. I was surprised to learn that she considers herself an outdoors gal, and loves horses. She and her husband volunteer also and have a Smokey the Bear Award for their work in parks.

She loves her job and loves the people and the opportunity to pray together.


Steve Hunt began his work in Corban's College Press in 1966 and has been an employee nearly all of the years since then. He has served as graphic designer, Director of Communications and Vice President for Marketing and is now the Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives. He is also an artist and author under the signature, J. Steven Hunt.