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Debi Nissen, an adventuresome start…

Debi Nissen, an adventuresome start...

Debi Nissen is the new face at the front desk in the HR office. She told me the story of her hectic first month at Corban. She had left her job at Church Art Works and  started work here, where she fit right in. A week later, her husband, John, also left his job at CAW and began a new job in Salem. Two days after starting, John suffered a seizure and it was determined he had a brain tumor. Debi worried that their lives would be so disrupted, it might affect her job at Corban.  “The people here were so supportive and kind and really helped me through that time,” she says. Long story short, John’s surgeon was able to clear a day in his schedule to perform brain surgery the following week. All went well–so well, in fact, that John was back on the job just a couple of days later.

Debi thanks God and her new friends at Corban for seeing them through her first month. We’re glad you’re here Debi!


Steve Hunt began his work in Corban's College Press in 1966 and has been an employee nearly all of the years since then. He has served as graphic designer, Director of Communications and Vice President for Marketing and is now the Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives. He is also an artist and author under the signature, J. Steven Hunt.