Selamat Malam

Selamat Malam! (Good evening)

Apa kabar (How are you?) Baik? (Good?)

This post is a few weeks overdue, and I apologize now that there won’t be pictures. It’s getting late here, and I wanted to at least give a small update.

First, life is busy. I start my work day between 7am-8am and have been finishing about 8:30-9pm.  I also have been working most of Saturday and portions. (Although I did getthis last Sunday off!) Long days for sure, but I think (optismistic attitude here) that it will settle in the next month or so.

Second, I am teaching 3 sessions of Critical Thinking. I am teaching all the the Grade 10 students. There are about 200 them. My Monday class has about 60. My Tuesday class has 85 (yes, 85 10th graders who speak poor to intermediate English :) And my Wednesday class has about 50 students. Quick story…my first day of class was my Tuesday class of 85 students. I soon realize that my classroom is short 20 chairs, that many of the students do not understand most of what I’m saying, there was no computer for PowerPoint (which there was supposed to be) and I have close to no classroom management experience….so it was an interesting day. I’m praising the Lord that this week has seen some drastic changes…larger classroom, enough chairs, computer with working projectors, working A/C and a few classroom management tips that have made the difference already.

I have mixed feelings about teaching this class, especially since it’s outside my field and I’ve never taught an offical class before. BUT what I’m really excited about is that I get to structure the class. So I’m getting to openly provide opportunities to explore what faith in Jesus Christ can look like. I’m pretty excited about it.

Third, I love the teams I work for, work with and lead. They are all so wonderful! I am blessed by them over and over again.

Fourth, if I think I’m going to get a night off…think again. Tonight I had my regular team meeting. This afternoon I was informed that I am speaking at a dorm event for another dorm. On Friday I found out I am teaching a make up leadership training course on this Wednesday. Thursday is temporarily open, but I expect that to change by tomorrow. And Friday is our first dorm meeting for my students. We’re going to play Photo Bingo, cover some dorm rules and eat some food. It’s gonna be good. Friday happens to be my 30th birthday as well. I’m probably going to try to celebrate on Saturday, but I haven’t figured out what to do yet.

Fifth, I went to Singapore for one day to get my visa. The visa stuff took about 2 hours total, so I got to sight see.  I hit the Subway (restaurant–we don’t have them here), then the Asian Civilization Museum, the Orchard Road malls (only a few because it’s about a mile of malls–literally), road their subway system (because taxes rip you off hardcore), ate at Subway again, then flew home. Quite the quick day.

Sixth, the food is good. My stomach isn’t always happy, but I like the taste and am managing it.

Seventh, I feel like I am making good progress in getting to know my students.

Eighth, my vocab is growing. I’m up to about 50 words. I’m excited to keep learning. Bit by bit. :o)

Eighth, I hailed my first taxi to go visit some friends, and I took an opak (motorcycle taxi) home. It was awesome.

Ninth, I think I may have found a church in my area! It’s English speaking, and they have a single adults life group on Wednesday nights. I think it’ll work out for me to go! I’m very excited about this opportunity to connect with some people my age, that speak English and that doesn’t require me to spend a lot of money to get there.

Tenth, and final one for the night. I’m so thankful for what God is teaching me. Wait on the Lord has been a common theme. Lean on Him. If I’m going to fall, fall into His hands. I’m being stretched each day, and most days are filled with hope and joy. A few days of tiredness have hit too. But for all intents and purposes, I rejoice for God bringing me here and for what He is doing.

We’ve been talking about “Called to Serve” here, and the Lord’s reminded of two passages. First, “for the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” And second, the story of Isaiah…reminding me that I will follow the Lord wherever He leads, whether it results in people’s lives being changed or not, I will follow and obey. And being faithful in serving the Lord is where the true reward comes.

Abby, Grace, Daniel and Aaron…I’ll work on those pictures. Everyone else, I hope to show you more pics of life here. So many more things to share, and not enough time to share them.

Family and friends, know that you are missed!

With love,


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