Selamat malam!

Selamat malam! (Good evening!)

Apa kabar? (How are you?) Baik? (Good!)

Well, I’ve survived the first week. :) Okay, okay…I’ve more than survived. I’m having a great time.  I hit the ground running once arriving.  Arrived Monday afternoon and started work Tuesday morning.  There’s so much I could say, but I think it’d be too much to write. So here’s a few highlights and explanations of what is going on. 

First, my role has changed. I anticipated this would happen, and I’m quite okay with the changes.  The biggest change is that I am not overseeing one of the college student dorms. They have a high school program at the University including a dormitory. I am overseeing this dormitory. I currently have 118 students (60+ girls, 50+ guys), but they are still hoping for more. Some of the students were already here when I arrived, more arrived this weekend, and more will arrive next weekend. They have asked me to fully revamp it. That sounds like a big task, but truthfully it’s not as big as I first thought. Since they are high school students, they have a strict schedule compared to the college students. Most of my work will be helping my team (2 RAs and 11 Dorm Supervisors) incorporate spiritual, emotional, and mental growth into the normal schedule of these students. Personally I will get to spend a lot of time just living with them…breakfast, lunch, dinner, playing basketball, having events, etc. I look forward to using these opportunities to talk about the Lord with them and encourage them in their spiritual growth. The majority of the students are Christians or Catholics, but there is a smaller group on others of different faith. We will pray that they may come to know the Lord!

I will also assist in helping the programming for one of the college student dorms. They want to transform the programming for those buildings too, and I have been asked to help with this.  It’s still uncertain whether or not I will teach, but it’s starting to look like I will teach one class, and it looks like it will be Critical Thinking for the high school students.  I will hopefully find this out in the next day or two as classes begin on Monday….YES, MONDAY! So, I will likely teach a class with no preparation and no clue with what they are hoping to achieve. No problem. :) No, realistically I know it will be fine, and it will give me another reason trust the Lord.  Always a good thing!

Second, I was wondering how much English would be spoken at this English speaking school. I’ve learned it’s about 75% Indonesian/25% in meetings (although I had one meeting today where they forced themselves to speak in English making it 65% English/35% Indonesian!). Some of my students speak excellent English. Some speak barely any at all. So, I’ll be learning Indonesian! I can say all many of the different “hello’s”, thank you, your welcome, etc. I look forward to the challenge.

Third, I love the food! It’s sometimes spicy, sometimes not. I live 5-10 minute from a food village and the mall food court. There are lots of options, and I’ve liked it all so far.  The only thing that’s been difficult is not really knowing what you’re ordering.  When I get tired of trying to figure out what I might be ordering, I go to Burger King…and it tastes like Burger King! I’ll have to take pictures of these places for you in the future. And my vocabulary is growing in this area quickly! Ayam is chicken. Goreng is fried. Nasi is rice. Three very important words to know. :)

Fourth, we’re trucking along fast. Within a day of being here, I was being asked to submit the full program for the semester. I addressed the new parents on Sunday regarding the programming, theme, rules and consquences. I survived that one…I was really nervous and just had to trust the Lord since I’m still understanding the basics of what is going on here. I met with my student leaders for the first time today which had to include how to do part of their job, etc.  It’s going to be good to get to know them, but it will have to be in a more non-traditional way between language skills and their time commitments. I’m thankful for my training at Corban and am excited to see how God is brining pieces together just at the right time.

I feel so blessed to be here. God is confirming over and over that this is where He wants me. I’m enjoying the journey. Here’s a few things that I wouldn’t mind prayer for…

1) Praise the Lord for He is good! He has been faithful in providing for my needs. My housing is excellent (pictures below), there is an American living the floor below me whom I started connecting to (which will be a nice break from constant strain to understand the language), and the connection with the students is going well I think. :)

2) Pray for wisdom in organizing the programming. We want to create a strong community that encourage the students grow in C.A.R.E (Character, Academics, Responsibility, Encouragement), and I need to learn how this works with the student leader structure.

3) Language. I’m eager to learn it so I can better minister. Pray for wisdom in balancing this desire with the expectations of the work that needs to get done.

4) Dynamics. I’ve learned there are some sensitive dynamics to me mindful of here. I believe God has prepared me for this, and I want to do my best to honor Him and the people through it.

5) Church body. I’m going to start looking for a church body this Sunday. I’m not necessarily looking for an expatriate congregation, but I’m looking for a community I can enjoy “escaping” to on Sundays. It will be my one day a week to get off campus.

Thanks friends! I miss you!

So…pictures…here’s pics of my apartment. I’m not going to go pic by pic but just put them in a gallery.

What would you like to see or know? There are so many things I could show, but I want to best inform you. Let me know and I’ll try to take pics and answer your questions. 

For God’s glory,








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4 Responses to Selamat malam!

  1. Traci Stephenson says:

    Hello :) I know we aren’t close but I wanted you to know that I’m praying for you regularly and think the world of what you are doing! You are one of the nicest people I have ever met and it shows through glaringly! You will rock at this! Knowing that God is on your side and sees all and knows all has to feel so reassuring. I look forward to continuing to read all about this experience for you. God Bless!!

    • Jimmy D'Agosta says:

      Hi Tracy,

      Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’ve always enjoyed my interactions with you on and off the court. I appreciate the prayers. AND I miss volleyball!! They have a co-ed university team here, but no one plays pick-up. I’m hoping I find some volleyball eventually. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you!


  2. Paul and Lisa D'Agosta and fam says:

    Hi Jimmy! How exciting to hear more details. The kids say the toilet looks weird! Grace would like you to take a pic of some of the food. Abby would like to see the view out your window. Daniel wants to know if there’s an Indonesian opposum.:-) Aaron wants to see the cars. We’re all about to look up how to pronounce some Bahasa words. You’re in our prayers.
    Love, all of us.

  3. Jonathan Sousa Jr says:

    Praying! Sounds like a wonderful job, with lots of growth opportunity, but building on your strengths! Looks like a great apartment – gotta love the squatty potty!

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