9.17.13 Cabinet Meeting Notes

Meeting started 8:30am

Opened with prayer.

Received demonstration of the executive conf. room features by Brian Schmidt.

Board of Trustees agenda document was discussed. Auditor reports are to be given. Dinner that evening is open for administrators and spouses.  Please rsvp to Jodi.

Changes coming regarding Trustee committees after this October meeting. Will minimize committee reports during Trustee meetings to allow for more broad, “big picture” conversations.  Committees will meet between Trustee meetings, and prepare their reports about a month before board meeting so that reports precede it.

Recommendation was also to standardize committee reports into a template to economize time. An understanding of what board members are assigned to what committees, and what the expectations are for being a part of it.

A look at the Best Places to Work award list was discussed. The benefit of being a part of this is that preparing for it will make us better. Matt will work to embrace it and find a baseline and then have his office personnel do an assessment study.

Enrollment discussions involved some sluggish numbers, particularly in graduate programs.  Discussions involved solutions from Advancement and enrollment marketing took place

Budget report from Kevin.  Relatively flat enrollment numbers are resulting in being slightly under budget revenue projections.  Discussion regarding potential revenue and expenditure corrective action.  Current budget realities will partially drive Strategic Planning possibilities.  Need to balance immediate needs with bigger-picture aspirations.

Strategic planning discussions were agreed to be postponed until after other agendas are able to be absorbed and completed.

Adjourned 11:00am


8.20.13 Cabinet Meeting Notes

Opened in prayer.

President accountabilities and responsibilities homework for the Cabinet were discussed.

Nate: Activities for enhancing advancement staff.
By Board time there should be a significant increase in goals and activities for advancement.

Matt: Engagement of activities for Tacoma business plan.

Discussion of list of questions from Board members and the need to get everyone on the same page.

Dr. Nord:  Reported on his trip to Tri-Cities, Washington. Gather 4 Him (G4Him) is a two-year Christian College started by area church youth leaders and Bob Nash. Corban has made classes available for instruction there in a two-year program.  A few students have completed their education at Corban. Matt Lucas and Mike Patterson (Board Chair) have been involved. The G4Him Board is considering inviting Corban to seek regional accreditation and ability to award Title IV Federal Aid. President Nord anticipates the proposal will be in writing and that Corban will be required to assume governance and administrative oversight. They have approximately 40+ students.


Clarification was requested for how this vision statement differs from current motto, mission statement, etc.

Cabinet reviewed the document and made recommendations for changes.

Matt Lucas will draft a new version for Aug 22 Planning Advisory Council meeting.

Nate: Updates on the hiring process for the VP of Advancement and the Corban Fund Coordinator. Also noted progress in the “We’re All In” staff campaign.

Steve: Updates on the Jeffers remodel.


7.23.13 Cabinet Meeting Notes

Liane DeHart opened with her testimony and introduced her position (Administrative Specialist, President’s Office) and responsibilities followed by Dr. Nord’s overview of her job and philosophy of her duties. He handed out a job description and explained his expectations and aspirations for the President’s Office.

Steve Hunt reported on the C.E. Jeffers Sports Center repairs. Work on stripping the siding is taking place and is .75 done. Asphalt and permanent landscaping are set for summer 2014. Sports camp traffic will be routed to the back entry now as the facility front is addressed. The sagging porch reveal is critical to understand the next steps. Minimal structural damage is the hope, and we can proceed as planned. Excess structural damage will need to have a plan developed. The two remaining (north side) arches are being covered, but with doorway openings for fire escapes. Major landscape upgrades will be generally postponed until summer 2014 to be done along with parking lot asphalt. Cost estimate is $120,000 and postponing will allow the restricted fund to build a little more.

The President’s Home
will have moderate upgrades throughout. Target completion date is sometime in mid to late August.

The work by OneAccord Partners is deemed complete. The work sets the stage for our messaging for marketing, recruitment and advancement coordination. The Timothy Group will now extend the foundational work to develop the Case Statement and further support and coordinate preparation for the Capital Campaign.

Consultant Nate Vander Stelt reported on the upcoming strategic plan meeting. Discussion followed about the track of the strategic planning compared to the McLaran research.  Now we are moving the plan toward adding dollar amounts and using that plan to better adapt it to the Capital Campaign by Nate.

Dr. Nord spoke into some of the vision for future planning. He described the potential for costs to renew the campus and Programs, Personnel and Property.

Also talked about donor relations. Dr. Nord handed out the naming policy to Nate. Nate contributed the thoughts about it. Every institution has unique approaches. The strategic plan will do best to address the donor approach. The key part of this is an articulation of a vision, and also the specific projects that interest the donor.

The president decides which of the agendas is a priority. Nate says often in a naming situation the anchor gift is usually a capstone, not a cornerstone gift.  Property, Programs and Personnel will shape how Corban moves forward.

Kevin: Campus dining information was handed out from Aramark. Discussed capacity and said if we have a new dorm we would exceed capacity for dining. We just need to have a stepped plan for growth.

We agreed to meet as a group to brainstorm on our priorities for capital projects. We will take an hour of the strategic plan meeting to do this tomorrow.


Input was given on what Dr. Nord can do for sharing his comments at Launch! Good feedback about big picture vision and heart came from it.

Parent services discussion was tabled but in general it involves delineating alumni office and student life office tracks with parents.

For community involvement, Dr. Nord will have a report from Steve on what groups and what personnel are matched up.– cabinet and maybe 5-10 others to assign to groups. Greg can have input on this because of his recent experience.

Corban Fund:
— We need to grow our base both across and higher. Up till today it has been done by invitation. How do we grow from $454,000 to $1.3M annually?

An Advancement Fund Coordinator position is in the 2013-14 budget. “We’re all in” campaign will be created to get participation from employees.

Dr. Nord handed out a draft of his Responsibilities and Accountabilities which will be presented to the Board of Trustees on Oct. 3. Assignments for cabinet members are due Sept. 1.

–Steve Hunt


7.2.13 Cabinet Meeting Notes

The meeting was opened at 8:30 in the Library Conference Room and opened in prayer by President Nord.

  • Emergency protocols were discussed and confirmed that there is a protocol in place. Kevin said that Tom Mike and Brian are working on an updated version, and he will send that to us when completed.
  • Title 9 Coordinator questions came up with the recent shift in department structures. It was appointed by President Nord that Brenda is in charge of that for a few months during the interim.
  • Kevin gave a brief summary of summer cash flow. He will ask Gary Van Antwerp to let us know if they would do a short term loan for July. The Jeffers project will not be affected.
  • A Conduct Review Board is also in changeover with the presidential transition and that Brenda will gather names from which will be chosen members who will then appoint deputies.
  • Advancement issues:  Nate presented three documents for us to review, involving end of year gift income; Corban fund totals, and monthly giving stats. He analyzed them and pointed out what stats are critical to watch and why. He raised the importance of PPP (Personnel, Programs, Property) that need to be considered for true capital planning.

More will be discussed at the July 8 meeting about strategic planning.

  • Strategic Plan – Compelling Case issues were addressed and Matt requested another edit about Bible College. Steve is to send the latest draft to Jodi for distribution for next Monday’s meeting.
  • Point-person when the president is away. It was also agreed that Matt would be backup in President Nord’s absence and that Kevin is in charge in the absence of both.
  • Capital Projects/Deferred Maintenance Work.  For the July 8 meeting we will bring an updated cap project/deferred maint. list to meeting.
  • Other issues as needed:  Steve mentioned the activity for the water system tank by the city, and whether to allow dirt dumps on our land. At this time it appears not to be a good idea.
  • Matt asked for a meeting July 3 to go over the overall summer project load for Campus Care and determine if anything needs to be cut to allow prioritized projects to finish strong.

                        — Steve Hunt